Dried fruits (dry fruits ) are considered an integral part of healthy and balanced nutrition, as they are distinguished by their delicious taste and high nutritional value.

The use of dried fruits dates back to ancient times, when they were used as a means of preserving fruits for long seasons and ensuring their availability throughout the year. With the advancement of technology and improvements in drying processes, dried fruits have become increasingly popular in modern times.

dry fruits

Why are dry fruits classified as superfoods?

Superfoods can be described as nutrients that are superior to other food items when compared to their nutritional value. Even small portions of superfoods can provide abundant nutrition in the form of nutrients, vitamins, minerals, and proteins. therefore  Superfoods can often be described as such for some of the special properties or benefits they provide such as that they may provide relief from certain illnesses or diseases, boost immunity, reduce blood pressure, sugar or cholesterol, and much more. Due to the various health and other benefits, different dry fruits save a lot of time, dry fruits are also called superfoods. In other words, Dry fruits like berries and nuts are rich in antioxidants. They are also high in other nutrients and some dry fruits are believed to have unique properties such as anti-aging, thought-provoking, and much more.

Health benefits of dry fruits:

The health benefits of dry fruits are endless and can be summarized as follows

* Strengthens immunity

Dry fruits are full of essential oils, proteins, potassium, and calcium that help increase your immunity. For instance, the presence of antioxidants in it can help you fight infections and various diseases.

*Helps lose weight

Dry fruits are considered a source of energy, and their quality depends on the quality of the fresh fruits made from them, In addition to the approved drying method and conditions.

* Keeps your skin healthy and wrinkle-free

Who doesn’t want to look cool and young? Dry fruits can help you with that and keep your skin radiant and glowing. They are rich in essential oils and antioxidants that help your skin regenerate a healthy complexion and prevent aging.

* Fights constipation

Dry fruits contain a large number of dietary fibers that help fight constipation and maintain a healthy digestive system.

* Helps prevent cancer

Almonds and cashews are known to prevent breast cancer. They are rich in antioxidants and phytonutrients that inhibit the activity of cancer-causing cells.

* Maintains heart health

Dry fruits can control cholesterol levels and normalize blood pressure, especially raisins. However reduces the risk of heart disease, stroke, etc.

*Healthy bones

Dry fruits are rich in proteins, calcium, and other micronutrients that help maintain and strengthen bones.

* Fight stress and depression

Dry fruits are highly effective in combating depression and stress. In addition, improves brain health and memory.

Fighting anemia and increasing hemoglobin

Raisins and prunes are rich in iron, which in turn helps those suffering from anemia. There are essential nutrients in dry fruits such as Vitamin A, B, and K. After that, minerals such as copper, magnesium, and iron; And unsaturated fats that help in the renewal of red blood cells and hemoglobin in the body.

Types of dry fruits:

There are many types of dry fruits, but the most common are:

1_ Almonds

Almonds are commonly consumed as a dried fruit because they have many health benefits. In other words, Almonds are rich in vitamin E, essential oils, and antioxidants that are beneficial for both adults and children. It can be eaten raw or roasted. For best results, eat a small amount daily of soaked almonds in the morning for a healthy and fit body. The benefits of almonds are as follows:

  • Maintains a healthy heart
    Helps with weight management
    Maintains healthy skin and hair
    Controls blood sugar levels

2_ walnut

Walnuts are a hard, stone-like single-seeded fruit loaded with omega-3 fatty acids, vitamins, minerals, antioxidants, and proteins. For instance, You can add it to your daily diet because of its various benefits. The fatty acids in walnuts may help reduce body fat and keep your heart healthy. Here are some of the benefits of walnuts:

  • Reduces stress
    Prevents cancer
    Good for skin and hair

3_ cashew

Cashews are famous in India for their delicious taste and creamy texture. It supplies your body with Vitamin E, Vitamin B6, proteins and magnesium in large amounts. Cashew Benefits:

  • Helps in losing weight
    Reduces bad cholesterol
    Reduces the risk of heart disease

4_ dates

Dates are tropical fruit that can be dry or wet. Dry dates are full of digestive fiber and help keep you full for a long time by suppressing your cravings. This iron-rich fruit helps our bodies in many ways to keep them healthy. The benefits of dates are as follows –

  • Increases hemoglobin levels
    Boosts energy
    Promotes gut health

5_ apricot

Apricots can suppress your hunger by providing you with essential nutrients like Vitamin A, Vitamin E, Magnesium, and Copper. Above all, It is also full of antioxidants that help fight internal infections. Here are some of the benefits of apricots –

  • Good for the eyes
    Maintains healthy bones and skin
    Helps in weight loss

6_ Raisins

Raisins are dried grapes with a sweet and sour taste. It is a rich source of iron and is very useful in treating anemia. A handful of raisins daily can be excellent for the digestive system and help treat acidity and constipation. The benefits of raisins are as follows –

  • Treats constipation and acidity
    treats anemia

7_ Pistachio

For people who have a habit of constantly eating, pistachios can be a good choice for them. Pistachios can suppress your hunger and help your body feel full for longer. Rich in oleic acid and antioxidants, carotenoids, vitamin E, copper, manganese, potassium, calcium, magnesium, iron, selenium, zinc and polyphenolic antioxidants. This dry heart-shaped fruit has anti-inflammatory properties that provide various benefits.

  • Prevents diabetes,
    lowers bad cholesterol levels,
    strengthens immunity

8_ Nut

Derived from the Corel trees, hazelnuts are rich in vitamins, minerals, fats, and proteins. Hazelnuts are nuts with a sweet flavor, which are consumed either raw, roasted, or ground into a paste to be used as a dip or as an addition to various dishes. Hazelnuts contain natural sugars that help you stay full for a long time. This round-shaped fruit has various benefits.

  • Hazelnuts have been shown to improve heart health.
    In addition, known to aid in healthy bowel movements.

9_ peach

Prunes are dried plums that offer a plethora of health benefits of dried fruits. They are high in sugar and also contain many important nutritional compounds for the body. It helps satisfy the sugar rush and satiate your sweet tooth while providing nutritional benefits. Plum contains vitamins A, and K, carbohydrates, and fiber in abundance.

  • Plum helps strengthen and build bones and muscles.
    It also helps manage cholesterol levels.

10_ dried figs

Figs are either green or purple. Dried figs are slightly yellow-orange in color with hundreds of small seeds inside. Dried and moderately sweet figs contain hundreds of nutritional benefits. Figs are full of vitamins, magnesium, iron, and calcium among other ingredients.

  • Figs work wonders if you have respiratory or reproductive issues.
    It also helps improve bone density.

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