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Extending Shelf Life

It gives you more time to transport and sell your products. It reduces production and transportation costs and prevents waste. You can also reach customers farther away. Long shelf life increases sales and raises your brand image

Shelf Life Extension Solutions

At Pronano, we understand the significance of extending the shelf life of food products to meet consumer expectations and market demands. Our services are designed to address various factors that affect shelf life, ensuring that your products maintain optimal quality throughout their intended storage period.

Key Components of Our Service:

  1. Product Analysis and Shelf Life Determination: Pronano begins by conducting a thorough analysis of your food products. We assess the composition, formulation, packaging, and storage conditions to determine the current shelf life. Our experts work with you to set specific shelf life goals based on market requirements.
  2. Packaging Optimization: We evaluate and optimize packaging materials and techniques to create a protective barrier against external factors such as oxygen, moisture, and light. Pronano assists in selecting packaging solutions that enhance product stability and extend shelf life.
  3. Modified Atmosphere Packaging (MAP): Pronano specializes in implementing Modified Atmosphere Packaging (MAP) techniques, where the composition of the air inside the packaging is adjusted to slow down the deterioration of the product. This is particularly effective for perishable goods.
  4. Preservative and Antioxidant Strategies: We provide guidance on the use of natural or approved preservatives and antioxidants to inhibit microbial growth and oxidative processes that can contribute to spoilage. Pronano helps you strike a balance between product safety and clean-label preferences.
  5. Microbial Control Solutions: Pronano employs advanced microbial control methods to reduce or eliminate harmful microorganisms that can accelerate spoilage. This includes innovative technologies designed to target specific pathogens without compromising product quality.
  6. Temperature and Storage Recommendations: Our experts offer recommendations for optimal storage conditions, including temperature and humidity controls. Pronano assists in developing guidelines to ensure that products are stored under conditions that maximize shelf life.
  7. Quality Testing Protocols: We establish quality testing protocols to monitor product attributes over time. Pronano assists in developing testing methods to assess factors such as texture, flavor, color, and nutritional content to ensure that products meet quality standards throughout their shelf life.

Benefits for Clients:

  • Reduced Waste: Extending shelf life helps reduce product waste by minimizing the likelihood of unsold or expired inventory.
  • Market Competitiveness: Products with an extended shelf life are more attractive to consumers and retailers, contributing to increased market competitiveness.
  • Improved Supply Chain Management: Longer shelf life allows for better inventory management and distribution planning, contributing to a more efficient supply chain.

Choose Pronano for expert assistance in extending the shelf life of your food products. Our comprehensive solutions, tailored to your specific products and market requirements, ensure that your offerings maintain optimal quality and stability, meeting the expectations of both consumers and industry standards.