Microbiology and Mushroom Transplanting Course Basics:

  • Simple& professional way to microbiology lab.
  • Explore the easy accurate preparations for Edible Fungi transplanting. ​

Microbiological tests :

the group of tests performed on food (raw material, finished product and production area)to ensure that the all food production steps lead to safe food free from spoilage and microbes.​

Microbiological testing is a vital part of ensuring food safety. These tests are performed on the raw materials, the final product and the production area to verify that the food is free of spoilage and harmful microbes. These tests include screening for bacteria, fungi, parasites, and viruses. This effort aims to ensure that all stages of food production adhere to the highest standards of quality and safety, and to achieve the vision of obtaining safe and healthy products for consumers see also

The importance of Microbiology tests:

is to adjust the microbial content to safe and acceptable limits ,also to eliminate food born disease and its causes according to the specifications with whitening​

The importance of microbiological testing lies in controlling the microbial content of foods and ensuring compliance with safe and acceptable limits. This procedure allows you to verify the quality of food and ensure that it is free of harmful microbes. Thanks to these tests, it is possible to identify and deal with potential pathogens and prevent their transmission through food. Testing plays a crucial role in meeting health specifications and standards, as it enhances consumer safety and contributes to cleanliness and transparency in food production processes.

Mushroom Transplanting

Microbiology and Mushroom Transplanting Course Details:

  • All edible fungi producers and transplanting interesting persons.
  • Learn about food microbiology, Edible Fungi, and its importance.
  • Know the terms of construction and designing of infrastructure for food microbiology lab.
  • Identify the terms, devices and tools used in food microbiology lab and Fungi transplanting (Specially Oyster Mushroom).
  • Identify the basics of good laboratory practice in food microbiology lab.
  • Identify the basics and roles of different types of sterilizations in food microbiology lab.
  • Learn the basics of working for the transplanting media types and preparations.

Microbiology and Mushroom Transplanting Course Schedule:

Microbiology and Mushroom Transplanting Course Trainer:

محمد عبدالله عبدالقادر دكتوراه في الميكروبيولوجي

Dr.Chemist: Mohamed Abdallah Abdelkader Doctor of Microbiology

  • Consultant for Food &Medical Industries(Manufacture- Quality- Labs-Food safety – R&D-Training)
  • Academic Researcher in Plant protection Research Institute-Agriculture Research Center
  • With his rich tapestry of experience since , stands out as a luminary in the domain of food industry (Manufacture- Quality- Labs(chemistry & microbiology )-Food safety – R&D-Training),
  • has paved the way for countless success stories and set new pinnacles in the realm of food industry
    and academic microbiology.
  • Chemist in El-HORREIA factory
  • Lab. Manager(chemistry and microbiology) in BAKE LAND EGYPT factory
  • Quality Manager in BAKE LAND EGYPT factory (white listed)
  • Quality CooProfessional Milestones:rdinator in Zeelandia-Misr Factory
  •  Quality Assurance in ATOS.PHARMA (SEKEM GROUP)
  • General Consultant in Bait Food Co.
  •  Academic Researcher in Microbiology in Plant Protection Research Institute
  • General Consultant in Pure Medical Co.
  • General Consultant in AL DURRA INTERNATIONAL FOR FOOD INDUSTRIES CO. (white listed)
  •  Food Safety Consultant in Pertaia Food Co. and Sadur food co.
  •  Bakery Consultant in Gerson Lehrman Group GLG(Food industry Consultation)
  • Manufacture and Food Safety Consultant in ElRABWA & Elraia Co.
  •  Quality ,R&D and Food safety Consultant In Falcon Co. for spices, tomato paste and sauces (white listed)
  •  Quality ,R&D and Food safety Consultant In American Food and Beverage Co.
  • General Manager In Universal Co. for Freshly Food Product Co

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