Course in Good Manufacturing Practices Basics:

Good manufacturing practices (GMPS):

Good manufacturing practices are A group of actions taken at the food or pharmacist property of the health and safety of the product and safety of the product (s) at the general website – interior design – equipment design – commitment to health conditions)  See also or other courses

Application of good manufacturing practices:

Good manufacturing practices are Part of Quality Assurance ensures that the high quality continuous output of products taken by observations and according to the specifications with whitening . and also contain :

  1. Manufacturing standards
  2. Quality assurance
  3. Regulatory compliance
  4. Product safety
  5. Health and safety protocols
  6. Good manufacturing processes
  7. Pharmaceutical property
  8. Food safety measures
  9. Facility management
  10. Interior design standards
  11. Equipment safety
  12. Health conditions commitment
  13. Regulatory guidelines
  14. Production practices
  15. Compliance protocols
  16. Product integrity
  17. Facility maintenance
  18. Safety procedures
  19. GMP (Good Manufacturing Practices)
  20. Process optimization
Good manufacturing practices (GMPS):

Course in Good Manufacturing Practices Details:

All workers in pharmaceutical and food industries.

  • Learn about GMP and its importance
  • Identify the terms used in quality management
  • Identify the Department of Quality Management and Task Force for each director of the Department of QM
  • Learn the basics of working the cartilage and sampling mechanism
  • Link the human machinery manufacturing and clarifying its impact on production
  • Learn the basics of division of production areas and conditions of each manufacturing area
  • Analysis of outputs and preparation of a prejudice record on the outline
  • Know the terms of construction and desiging of infrastructure for each production department
  • Building tracking system for products and strategy development to receive customers complaints and finding solutions
  • Apply GMP on the production of sterile medium drug.

Course in Good Manufacturing Practices Schedule:

11 topics are given online during 12 hours of actual training through a flexible program according to the trainee’s desire

Course in Good Manufacturing Practices Trainer:

Eng.Nawar Hbous

Eng. Nawar Hbous: Quality Engineering Maven & Esteemed Trainer

Eng. Nawar Hbous, with his rich tapestry of experience since 2014, stands out as a luminary in the domain of quality engineering. His fervor for quality science and its systems, ignited in 2015, has paved the way for countless success stories and set new pinnacles in the realm of quality assurance.

Embarked on his illustrious journey with a pivotal role as a production records audit officer at the renowned Medico Laboratories.
Championed the quality evolution by successfully qualifying Deluxe and Genevia under the rigorous standards of ISO 22000:2018, while concurrently sculpting the robust HACCP system for their prolific production units.
Further extended his expertise by accrediting Al-Omar Printing and Packaging Company with the coveted ISO 9001:2015 certification.
Training & Mentorship:

Eng. Nawar dons the dual hat of a mentor and trainer with élan. He offers specialized training on GMP—a comprehensive module that delves deep into the nuances of quality system implementation. The course demystifies the transition from paper-bound management systems to tangible, real-world practices, enabling businesses to carve a niche for their products and services.

Step into the enthralling universe of quality with Eng. Nawar Hbous. Here, training transcends conventional boundaries to metamorphose into an immersive learning experience. Navigate the intricate corridors of quality sciences, embrace best-in-class standards, and chart a trajectory towards unparalleled professional ascendancy. Join him, and let excellence be your compass!

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