Getting outside help from experts and food consultants, when growing a food and beverage business, is almost mandatory.

Hand in hand with Brunano, we provide consulting services to industrial food companies that produce at different levels. We provide the most appropriate solutions for your needs and support you in applying them to your projects. We have knowledge and experience in different areas of the food industry. Food and beverage industry consultants come in many forms. They generally want to help you, the business owner, make your business successful using what they have learned in the past.


This article provides an insight into the different types of food and beverage consultants.

Food industry consultants

They are the ones who can help you start your business or even help take your established business to the next level of growth.

Types of food industry consultants

So, the types of advisors discussed in this article are:

1-Food marketing

2-Digital food marketing

3-Food packaging

4-Food design

5-Food Safety

While searching for a partner, I suggest:

Have a clear idea of what you want to achieve. Then meet with a few different consultants to see if they have the processes that will help you achieve your goals.

When I hired a business coach, I met with about 8 people before making the final decision.

Here’s why.

Fees for food industry consultants

Fees can start anywhere between £150 to £200 per day and go upwards of £1,000 per day.
The most common way to pay for food industry consultants is the daily rate. These fees can vary greatly. It really depends on the work you need.
You should decide how much input or time you need from them, and keep it within your budget.
The most important thing in bringing in outside help for your business is defining the benefits. From a short-term and long-term perspective.
For example, an advisor might cost £2,000 a month over 6 months, whatever processes and strategies they help you put into place could bring in over £20,000 over 12 months.
In this case, your decision to receive someone would actually pay for it.
Moreover, the right person will undoubtedly have new contacts that can benefit your business in different ways.
After all, relationships are everything in business.
So, let’s get started

Food marketing consultant

Food marketing consultants are readily available. If you’re not sure which marketing channels will be best for your business, it’s a good idea to seek expert help.
The number of options when it comes to marketing is constantly increasing both online and offline.
Marketing decisions will also influence your choice of sales channels, and vice versa, so it’s important to follow them correctly and then stick to them consistently.
When is hiring done?
Food marketing consultants can generally help with anything from which campaigns, which channels will provide the greatest return on investment and how to get your favorite product onto retailers’ shelves or in front of consumers.

2-Food digital marketing consultant

On the one hand, if you’re not increasing your online presence, you’re falling behind. On the other hand, if you’re new to digital marketing, you’ll definitely want to seek input from an expert.
If you make mistakes in digital marketing, the worst-case scenario is that your business could be negatively impacted forever.
Especially when you are actively trying to increase your Google rankings via SEO.
On the other hand, if you jump straight into PPC, you risk spending much more than you need to.
That’s because Google has set up its platforms to take advantage of novices — that is, people who don’t know how to leverage platforms intelligently.
When to hire?
Digital marketing consultants can help with e-commerce as well as many digital campaigns. If you are keen on selling your products directly to consumers, digital marketing is a must.
A consultant will work well for you if you just need guidance and are happy (or have the time) to hand over digital tasks internally.
However, if you need someone to do the tasks completely for you, you may be better off looking for an agency.

3-Food packaging consultant

Packaging requirements change all the time. To add to this, trends and consumer behaviors drive many of these constraints.
The need to stand out in a positive way is also important. After all, supermarkets and online
Retailers want to know how people will learn about your product.
Working with people with experience in this field can give you a boost to achieve your packaging goals in a way that stands out to consumers but also makes them happy with the purchase – i.e. you don’t use a lot of plastic.
The world of packaging never stands still. Even ASDA is constantly working on improvements to their packaging
ASDA – Our new chicken packaging is better for customers…and the planet
When to hire:
If you want to create new, exciting and innovative packaging solutions, a packaging expert is the person for you.
ProNano Food and Industrial Consulting provides assistance for cost optimization. As well as providing technical and analytical support. Leading to a full range of packaging management services

4-Food design consultant

Branding and design are essential to the success of a food business. Some of the most popular brands have been around for years.

If you don’t have inner creativity, or you need…

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